Target Markets – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

This summer is all about exploring your surrounding areas. As Scotland continues to enjoy an unusually warm (but wet) summer, kids, teens, students and really anyone old enough to own or have access to a mobile phone is out, with their heads buried deep in Pokémon Go!

As the first augmented reality (AR) app to go mainstream, Pokémon Go allows players to chase characters superimposed over a real-world environment. The mobile game has quickly become a global phenomenon. Available in over 30 countries it has attracted a bigger install base than Tinder in the US, and figures suggest that more people are engaging on it for longer than popular apps including Snapchat, Instagram and What’s App.

So, with consumers now more exposed to AR, what does this mean for brands and marketing?

Already, businesses can make the most of Pokémon Go, simply by engaging online with the brand through blogging and social media, engaging with millions of users across the globe. If you are smart about it, you can make Pokémon do some local marketing for you. For example, if a rare Pokémon is discovered at your location, post about it, including #Pokémon — chances are, you’ll get some incoming online traffic, not to mention an increase in footfall of people looking to see if they can catch that Pokémon at your location.

pokemon-goA lure like the example opposite, is an opportunity that should be grabbed. Take the cue from the local indie clothing store in the US that went viral after they got into the spirit of the game by saying, “come get your PokéBalls and previously rocked threads. Gotta catch ‘em all in style!” This type of advertisement leaves a positive impression, gets people talking and with the overwhelming media attention that the game is getting, potentially gets your local business some exposure in local and regional media channels.

Tourist hot spots should take note. With visitor figures normally higher during the summer months, Pokémon Go is the pull to introduce even more customers to you and your business. Travel Weekly reported the challenges that the app can offer for the tourism and destination industries. However, don’t just wait for users to find you via the game, why not advertise your Pokémon to attract customers? Get creative and photograph the Pokémon characters that have popped up on site then get sharing online via your website, social media or blogging as suggested before.

Such digital and local marketing opportunities through engagement offer an array of pester power that targets not just mums and dads, but the gamer insider us all. However, the future of technology can offer even more advanced ways to use augmented virtual realities to market your business.

Whilst virtual reality is about closed, self-contained worlds, AR is closer to a platform on which brands can build upon. By integrating themselves into existing popular worlds such as Pokémon Go, AR campaigns can be less about building one-off executions and more about integration with app’s like Pokèmon Go as technology continues to evolve.

In the same way that social media eased brands on to mobile, innovations such as Pokémon Go could pave the way for brands to enter your own augmented reality – this could be shopping for the latest trends based on people you pass on the street – or choosing and paying for a refreshing drink from the nearest café before you arrive!

In the meantime, do consider how Pokémon Go can benefit your brand and business. Make the most of this latest trend – until the next one comes along!

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of the latest technologies that you can use for your brand and company, get in touch with Kyle!


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