2017 – New Year, Improved Me

“New Year, New Me” almost as common as the Auld Lang Syne and a Party Suzy at New Year.

2017 has been no different with myself setting the objective to get fit. Promising that if I can get the body I’ve long desired – complete with washboard abs, I’ll reward myself with the tattoo that I’ve always wanted, but never felt ‘fit’ enough to pull off.

So, I’ve stocked the fridge with green vegetables and juices, and I’ve looked into various meal plans and new exercise regimes to start the detox and fight the flab.


However, the ‘new me’ really started at the end of last year when I was handed my redundancy. After working tirelessly to help build a brand and company for almost three years, I was now joining the unemployed masses of Aberdeen; another CV in the pile, and another interview candidate to grill and test before handing the job to someone internal.

My time off was mainly spent writing and then rewriting CV’s and prepping for interviews (as well as binging on Gilmore Girls). I’ve always thought I come across well in person, and been told that people find my energy and enthusiasm contagious, but during the first month or so, it was clear that up against others, my passionate personality wasn’t quite infectious enough.

It wasn’t until a bit later, that an old contact came forward with a proposition for me. She was looking to further establish her business and asked for my expert marketing knowledge to help her along the way. The old Kyle might have shied away from this, feeling overwhelmed and not qualified enough to look at developing marketing strategies and plans by myself – but the new Kyle, a little jaded from the whole rotten experience jumped at the chance. And if this experienced and smart businesswoman could take a leap of faith with me, what would stop others from doing the same?


And so, Copy By Kyle was born. Concentrating on content and copy development, I was able to put all my passion and knowledge into the side of the industry I had always adored. You’ve all been there and followed my process as I set myself up on social media, sharing insight and opinion across blogs and working with five clients across a range of marketing and communication services. In the background I’ve drank in almost every coffee shop across Aberdeen – meeting with old and new contacts, pitched proposals at new business and even completed the administrative process of setting up forecasts, invoices and job numbers.

The new Kyle has used every skill previously learnt, to power Copy By Kyle forward in just seven weeks. Using past knowledge and experience to facilitate workshops, conduct market research, develop marketing strategies and deliver communication outputs.

On leaving my old job I was told, “this is your chance to prove yourself” and at the time, I was determined I would. I just didn’t know it would be to myself that I would prove what I could achieve. That with some extra confidence, a bit of self belief and a whole lot of determination, I could create and craft my own path, and one to be proud of.

Actions of course speak louder than words, and I’ve been delighted to share with you all my client testimonials from Copy By Kyle.


2017 will be a ‘New Year, New Me’ – but not necessarily because of my washboard abs and new tattoo (which we’re aiming for October) – but because of the self-confidence, happiness and expertise I now hold inside.

So it’s not so much a ‘New Year, New Me’ but a ‘New Year, Improved Me’.


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